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The Summer season at the winery is excitting!  With the weather heating up, so does our pace of business, events, bottling, vineyard management and all other activities at the winery.   My team and I just got done bottling 3500 cases of our premium 2018 wines so you can expect some exciting release events in the very near future.  We still have our Bordeaux varieties and Chardonnay in barrel and they are maturing  nicely as expected.   Wine Club members be sure to sign up for our exclusive barrel tasting in mid June!   When visiting the tasting room this summer be sure to look out the front of the building to the southwest as we are expanding our vineyard operations by 7000 vines this Summer.  This planting will be heavily focused on Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.   We look forward to meeting and sharing an exceptional experience and wines with  you.   See you soon!

Matt Meineke



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