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Happy Spring Everyone,

As we all turn our attention to enjoying the outdoors and picnics, I thought Sparkling Wines would be a wonderful topic to discuss.

There are several key regions in the world that are well known for producing quality sparkling wines. Examples include Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain, and of course Champagne from France. Most notable over the last 10 years is a steady rise in the high quality of sparkling wines being created here in the USA.

Certainly the Champagne region of Northern France enjoys the well-deserved notoriety for setting the bar for premium sparkling wines. French winemakers have honed their skills in blending base wines that can include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and small amounts of Pinot Meunier. Most impactful is use of a very complex and labor intensive winemaking process known as “Methode Champenoise. This includes unique fermentation steps that occur in the bottle. The outstanding results of wines produced using this method is undeniable.

Here at M Cellars we use only the Champagne Method to create our current release of Brut Rose’.  This wine has amazing lively and persistent effervescence.  On the clean and crisp nose you immediately get notes of bright cherry, wild strawberry and a nice underlying slate mineral nuance.  The very first impression on the palate is the festive dance of tiny little bubbles.  The taste of the wine mimics the nose with a combination of wild strawberries, crisp red delicious apples and a finish of classic yeasty notes of fresh baked bread.

Sparkling wines like M Cellars Brut Rose’, possess an uncanny ability to pair with a wide range of foods. Everything from delicate fare including light salads, seafood, shellfish, oysters on half shell, crab, lobster and a brilliant pairing with the local seasonal bounty.


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